1How to best serve Perlage?
The proper serving temperature of Perlage is at 8 to 10°C, which will enhance the water’s extraordinary characteristics and perfectly pair with foods and wines. It is recommended that Perlage is served without any natural additives of herbs or fruit, nor ice, which can detract from the properties of the natural mineral water.
2How does Perlage pair with wine?
Perlage enriches the palate of each type of wine in an exceptional fashion. White and Rosé dry and semi-dry wines are well balanced with the energizing fizz of Perlage. When combined with dry and semi-dry red wines, Perlage helps to clear the palate and maintain appetite. Perlage also helps to clear the taste of sparkling dry and semi-dry wines. Sweet wines coupled with Perlage provide a refreshing flavour and taste.
3How is Perlage better for digestion?
Perlage aids in digestion because it contains carbon dioxide extracted from natural sources that is gentler for the stomach than synthetic gas found in other well-known bottled waters in the global market.