Perlage originates from the renowned Naleczow Health Resort, home to the ecological Naleczow area of Poland. With more than 250 years of tradition, the Naleczow Spa is famous for its treatment of cardiac disease because of the exceptional water derived from its aquifers that is medium level mineralized and low in natural sodium.


The Naleczow Health Resort dates back to the 18th century when the Malachowski family first began to use the healing properties of the water sourced from the Naleczow area. In 1817, Jan Celinski, a royal pharmacist, examined the water source in Naleczow and compared it to the water from world-renowned spa centres. This led to Naleczow being classified as a recognized resort in Poland and around the world.


The Naleczow Health Resort is situated in one of Poland’s largest reservoirs in the country, saturated with valuable minerals. The groundwater found in the fissured rocks from the Cretaceous period is mined from aquifers with a water age of 400 years old, with depths of 100 meters, that allows for the highest quality of water with unparalleled taste. These aquifers are free from any type of sediment, leaving the water pure and extraordinary.

Bottling Plant

Perlage is bottled in one of the largest natural mineral water bottling plants in the world, with over 40 years of bottling tradition. This modern and innovative bottling plant uses advanced technology that imitates processes that occur in nature. This bottling plant is located next to the water source, guaranteeing the highest water grade quality and safety. The bottles are 100% recyclable, require less energy to produce, and are light in weight to reduce carbon footprint during transport.


Perlage contains carbon dioxide taken from natural mineral sources, which uniquely distinguishes it from ordinary carbonation processes seen in other bottled waters in the global market. The elegant bottle and beautiful packaging further reflect this prestigious, world-class water.

Water Codex

The proper serving temperature of Perlage is at 8 to 10°C, which will enhance the water’s exceptional characteristics and perfectly pair with foods and wines. It is recommended that Perlage is served without any natural additives of herbs or fruit, nor ice, which can detract from the properties of the natural mineral water. Perlage enriches the palate of each type of wine in a brilliant fashion. White and Rosé dry and semi-dry wines are well balanced with the energizing fizz of Perlage. When combined with dry and semi-dry red wines, Perlage helps to clear the palate and maintain appetite. Perlage likewise helps to clear the taste of sparkling dry and semi-dry wines. Sweet wines coupled with Perlage also provide a refreshing flavour and taste.

Fine Dining

Perlage is the ideal water to accompany meals, with its delicate bubbles to purify taste buds and improve flavour. Perlage aids in digestion because it contains carbon dioxide extracted from natural sources that is gentler for the stomach than synthetic gas found in other well-known bottled waters in the global market. Perlage is crafted to enhance the overall dining experience and gustatory qualities of food by invigorating the taste of sweets, lowering the saltiness of a dish, and balances bitterness.